Tennis courts


RyterSKI offers two tennis courts at the Sports and Recreation Center.

RyterSKI tennis courts include:

  • A special, artificial grass surface.
  • LED lighting (halogen) providing high level of brightness for evening games.


Type cost
Court rental Mon-Fri, 15:00-23:00 - 90 zł/h
Mon-Fri, 6:00-15:00 - 60 zł/h
weekend - 60 zł/h
Tennis Court 30 zł/h (35 zł after dusk)
Individual tennis training (1h) 90 zł plus the cost of the court (equipment included)
Group tennis training 8 training sessions per month, one hour each (equipment included)
group of 6 people: 300 zł/person per month (equipment included)
Tennis racket PLN 5.00
4 balls 1h PLN 5
A basket of balls PLN 15.00

* Scheduling tennis or personal training pod numerem +48 882 807 112

Tennis Academy
For adults and children

Tennis Academy

In RyterSKI Tennis Academy, we conduct classes in accordance with the Tenis10 program, recommended by the ITF. This program allows the youngest athletes to enter the world of tennis more easily by adjusting to the court's surface and the appropriate balls passing.
Tennis developes hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking. In group activities, children learn not only group working, but also how to deal with individual exercises on the court.

Professional instructors
With a license

Professional instructors

Classes are conducted by licensed trainers. We invite children 5-6 year olds to group tennis lessons! Despite being a difficult sport tennis is a game that gives a lot of fun.
We do not have large groups of participants - a our tennis classes have a maximum of 4 people in a group trained by one coach! The only exception is the so-called blue category (5-6 year olds) where the group may have up to 6 people. The greater number of participants during the toddlers' first trainings has a positive effect in learning tennis.

Individual and group


We propose to our guests and residents of Rytro and the surrounding area physical activity on our courts. If you don't feel strong enough to play alone or you want to start learning the game (or just - play with a coach to test your skills), we have a proposal for you! We invite you to individual or group classes (2 people, 3 or more people). Learn the techniques of the game and bounce under the watchful eye of a certified staff coach! This is a unique opportunity to try tennis under the watchful eye of professionals!
Make an appointment individually: +48 882 807 112.