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Skis and snowboard
Ski equipment

Skis and snowboard

We have a wide range of ski equipment. Are you looking for top skis for competitors or are you just starting your skiing adventure? We guarantee that our equipment is modern, safe and undergoes regular technical inspections.

For adults
Wide offer

For adults

On the shelves of the RyterSKI rental shop there are many sets of excellent quality skis for adults. We have a full range of ski length and hardness for men and women. The ski set includes skis, ski boots and poles. Every ski is checked before riding. we also set the appropriate strength of bonds. We help with the selection of equipment so that everyone can spend time safely and comfortably on the slope.

For children
For the youngest

For children

We are the best-stocked ski rental shop in the area. We offer a wide range of ski equipment for the youngest, both beginners and well-skaters. The sets we rent consist of skis, boots, poles and a helmet. We would like to remind you that helmet riding is compulsory for children under the age of 16. We regulate and check the equipment before release, because safety is our priority!

We recommend


Snowboard equipment. We provide a full selection of snowboard equipment. The set includes a board with bindings and shoes. Before issuing, we set the bindings to the appropriate angle. We suggest riding with a helmet. Snowboarding helmets are also offered by our rental company.
Ski accessories. We offer a wide range of ski accessories. All available pole lengths, as well as almost any size of boots and helmets. For those willing, we also have the option of renting ski goggles. Safety is the key - that's why we suggest riding with a helmet.


Equipment rental price list

Skis PLN 15 PLN 5 PLN 25
Boots PLN 15 PLN 5 PLN 20
Sticks - - PLN 5
Ski set PLN 20 PLN 10 PLN 45
Snowboard PLN 20 PLN 5 PLN 35
Snowboard boots PLN 15 PLN 5 PLN 25
Snowboard set PLN 30 PLN 10 PLN 50
Helmet - - PLN 10

Price list of maintenance services

Machine sharpening PLN 20 15 min
Manual sharpening PLN 35 30 min
Base regeneration 20-30 PLN 15-30 min
Hot lubrication PLN 10 20 min
Binding adjustment 5-10 PLN 10 min
Installation of bindings PLN 20 10 min
Complete set. Full service
(base regeneration, manual or machine sharpening, lubrication)
55 PLN 60-90 min

approximate duration is subject to change