Our attractions
Wide offer

Our attractions

The Ryterski recreation center has a lot to offer its guests at any time of the year.
We are located in one of the most beautiful and cleanest regions of Poland. In winter, it is a paradise for skiers - the resort is located on the slope right next to the ski station, which also runs the Ski Academy and has a ski equipment rental. The RyterSKI Sports and Recreation Center has modern tennis courts, a gym (indoor and outdoor), an ice rink, a multi-functional playground, a roller-skating rink, a climbing wall and a sports zone for children. The center itself has a large accommodation base with an excellent restaurant and a relaxation zone in the SPA and saunas.

Closeness to nature Closeness to nature Closeness to nature
Tourist routes

Closeness to nature

Surrounding hiking trails run through valuable natural and landscape areas (approx. 1000 km of marked mountain trails), which start just behind the center in Poprad Landscape Park. RyterSKI lies on one of the most beautiful routes of the Roztoka Valley, described by Maria Kownacka in a famous novel "Rogaś z Dolina Roztoki". Cycling enthusiasts will find EuroVelo routes running through Rytro, which connect local paths and bicycle routes, and for those who like trips and discovering history, the area offers places with castles, sacred monuments, mineral water springs and charming Galician towns.

Ice rink
Ice skating

Ice rink

Even when we find it difficult, everyone admires this kind of discipline. Its beauty and grace as well as the winter aura have their charm. Therefore, despite the cold outside, we strongly encourage you to use our ice rink in the winter season. The perfect complement or alternative for people using our Ski Station.

Skating rink
Fun for everyone

Skating rink

Roller skating is undoubtedly a pleasant form of active leisure. It gives us a lot of pleasure, and is especially beneficial for our health. The muscles work more intensively, the blood flows faster through our body, and the dose of endorphin will guarantee a smile on our face. An additional advantage of our 30m x 20m zone are bands that will help beginners and ensure safety.

Kids Kids
Attractions for children


We recommend:

  • playroom
  • RyterSKI SPA offer
  • Kids Zone in the Sports Center
  • Rogasiowa Inn - children's menu
Fitness Fitness
Physical activity for everyone


RyterSKI invites you to trainings in the outdoor and indoor gym. The outdoor gym has stations with exercise descriptions that have a positive effect on health.
Regular training affects increasing the condition, oxygenating the body, improving blood circulation and strengthening the muscles. We cordially encourage you to use our gym, and after training to replenish your energy to our Rogasiowa Inn.

Exercise classes


Are you looking for a place for yoga, pilates or other physical activities?
The RyterSKI center has a gym on the second floor, adapted to general development activities, aerobics, yoga and dancing.
Room dimensions: 8.5 meters x 4 meters, height: 3.5 meters.
It is possible to rent the room and make reservations at the time you choose. All information is provided by the reception desk.

Multipurpose pitch
Measuring 45m x 32m

Multipurpose pitch

The pitch is equipped with artificial grass of different densities at the courts to ensure the best properties. It is equipped with 3m x 2m goals, volleyball and tennis sets. This allows, for example, two courts to be rented by completely strangers or a great competition and fun for people playing volleyball, and next to a couple playing tennis.

Bike rental Bike rental
Even more to see

Bike rental

Rytory's bicycle routes run mainly through forests and parks, often near Poprad. Therefore, all those interested in active recreation are invited to use the bike rental in the RyterSKI center. The offer includes bikes for adults and children.
All information is provided by the RyterSKI reception desk.

Tennis Tennis
Tennis courts


RyterSKI offers two tennis courts at the Sports and Recreation Center.

RyterSKI tennis courts include:

  • A special, artificial grass surface.
  • LED lighting (halogen) providing high level of brightness for evening games.